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Junior Golfers



The Cayman Islands Golf Association (CIGA) has an overall goal is to encourage a coordinated national strategy for junior golf development for the Cayman Islands that is successfully maintained over the longer term.

CIGA’s overall approach is for the Cayman Islands to become self‐sufficient as possible in all aspects of junior golf development, with well-defined responsibilities and lines between the various stakeholders. A coordinated strategy calls for a junior-golfer-centred approach rather than a facilities-centred approach, with well-defined annual timelines. A golfer-centred approach should also result in a parent-centred approach, easing their role.

CIGA's focus is on playing a ‘board of directors’ governance role, not a management role in Cayman junior golf development.

Encourage and Coordinate Opportunities

To encourage and coordinate opportunities for children ages 7 through 18 , CIGA will focus on the environment for coaching, playing, practicing, competing and parental involvement.

CIGA will:

Identify and support local golf professionals who coach juniors

Ensure practice facilities are available to juniors

Ensure rounds of playing times are available to juniors

Provide opportunities to compete by organizing on-island tournaments and participating in off-island tournaments

Engage parents to support their junior golfers and to provide financial and volunteer support.

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