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**Special Rate for 2020 - CI$75

STEP 1: Member Info 

Member Information

Confirmation e-mail will be sent!

STEP 2: Payment

NOTE:  Payment is preferable online through the CIGA Account and can be made online from all Cayman Banks.  It is a

Butterfield account, #02-101-039604

and the name is Cayman Islands Golf Association


NOTE:  If unable to pay online, a check or cash can be dropped off at the North Sound Golf Club in the name of Cayman Islands Golf Association.  Please put in an envelope with your name.

Help to Support and the Promotion of Golf

CIGA is operated and managed by volunteers who advocate the game of golf. Members have an opportunity to make a difference by volunteering their time during CIGA tournaments and other events.  Please get in touch if you would like to help as we’d love to hear from you!  To email us, click HERE

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